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Lamy Safari

Lamy Safari – Orange with M nib and Charcoal with 1.5mm

When I first felt the desire to dive into the world of Fountain Pens I decided I wanted to buy my first pen at a brick and mortar retailer because I wanted to talk face to face with someone and I wanted to see and feel my potential pens. Over the Thanksgiving weekend last October I visited Phidon Pens in Cambridge, Ontario and received excellent service. Manu discussed with me entry level priced pens and suggested that I look at the Lamy Safari , Lamy Al-Star and a Pelikano. I instantly fell in love with bright orange Safari and picked it up. I like the feel of the Safari and I really enjoy writing with it.

Orange Lamy Safari

Orange Lamy Safari

A few weeks and months went by and I felt the need for another pen. The Writing Desk was having a sale on the Safaris and I wanted to try an italic nib for an inexpensive price so I got my second Safari, a Charcoal with the 1.5mm italic nib. This pen is great and I carry it almost daily. I love the texture and the 1.5mm nib is so much fun to write with.

Charcoal Lamy Safari with 1.5 mm Nib

Charcoal Lamy Safari

Lamy Safari Writing Sample

Lamy Safari Writing Sample

Appearance & Design (8)

I like the look of the Safari but some find it too utilitarian.

Charcoal Lamy Safari

Charcoal Lamy Safari

Construction & Quality (8)

The Safari is a well built pen but it does have that ABS feel. The Charcoal version does have a more solid feel due to the matte finish and texture.

Weight & Dimensions (9)

I find the Safari to be very well balanced and comfortable to write with

Nib & Performance (M: 7 , 1.5mm: 9)

M nib: The medium nib doesn’t stand out but it is a solid performer and lays a nice line.

1.5mm: This is the nib that got me hooked on Fountain Pens. I love writing with this one. I love the way it makes ink perform. This is my favourite nib for writing in my journal and letters.

Filling System & Maintenance (6)

This is of course the failing of the Safari and many modern pens. The seller of both the pens included converters but C/C pens are average.

Cost & Value (8)

I think the Safaris are a good value.

Conclusion (M: 7.7 1.5mm: 8 )

I believe the Safari is an excellent starter pen. I like the look and feel and the nibs are solid performers.

Orange Lamy Safari

Lamy Safari


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J. Herbin Terre de Feu

J. Herbin’s Terre de Feu is a lovely colour and a great ink to write with. I was initially put off because I was expecting more of a brownish red rather than a reddish brown but once I got used to the colour I was in love. Earlier this month I reviewed my beloved Waterman Havana and Terre de Feu might challenge for the title. Terre de Feu is slightly redder and less saturated but offers more shading and slightly better flow.

This ink like many of the J. Herbin inks I have had the pleasure to try is a very well behaved ink and is a pleasure to write with. I would recommend this ink especially if you do not have access to Havana.

I think these two inks are due for a head to head battle, stay tuned…

J. Herbin Terre De Feu

J. Herbin Test

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