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Rhodia No 38 Dot Pad (AKA The Monolith)

The first time I saw a No 38 Pad I was struck with an inexplicable need to touch it, draw on it, write on it and own it. It was much like the monkeys seeing the Monolith in 2001. I didn’t understand it but I wanted it.

This Pad is enormous and wonderful. It is great for testing inks, practicing handwriting, sketching floor plans… This Pad sits on my writing desk at all times. It provides a great working surface and a great big piece of jotting/note taking paper. Not to mention the simple WOW factor of a hug slab of paper.

Rhodia No 38

Rhodia No 38

This is the first Graph pad I have used and enjoyed, on this large a piece of paper I don’t find the graph too distracting but I still look forward to trying the Dot Pad version.

Here is what this beast looks like next to a No 16 pad and some pens.

Rhodia No 38

Rhodia No 38 Next to a No 16

I recommend anyone that like to doodle, sketch and scribble get one of these.



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Pen Sketch

A member of FPN wanted people to show him some pen sketches of Coffee mugs and this was my submission. This was drawn on a Rhodia No 38 using a TWSBI filled with Herbin Orange Indien, A Noodler Flex filled with Cactus Fruit and a Lamy Safari 1.5mm filled with Diamine Turquoise.

Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual

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2011 Exaclair Catalog

The 2011 Exaclair catalog is out and there are some interesting things.

  • Webnotebooks with Dot Grids
  • Soft covered Rhodia pads
  • Artist themed Quo Vadis notebooks
  • and so much more

take a look and start budgeting your stationery money.

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Rhodia No 12 Dot Pad

I have always preferred blank over ruled and I never liked graph. I found that graph paper made things look too cluttered and took
away from what was on the page. I was very excited when I learned about Rhodia’s Dot Pads and was very pleased to receive one from Karen at Exaclair to review.

No 12 Dot Pad

Dot Pad in the Pocket

The pad is describe as follows on Rhodia Pads

80 g acid-free, pH neutral paper
80 sheets microperforated on top for easy removal
Light lilac grid with 5mm intervals between dots

The paper is excellent, as expected from Rhodia, and takes ink nicely with a minimum of showthrough and no bleedthrough that I have
experienced. The lilac dots are quite pale and serve there purpose of guiding your writing but fade in the background and are barely noticeable once anything is written on the page. It is very easy to use the dots to practice your letter spacing and shaping, better than a lined pad would and MUCH better than graph as the dots do not detract from the script.

The No 12 is a great size for lugging around (it fits prefectly in the front pocket of my satchel) and serves as a great list making pad. I have found it great for jotting down ideas for posts, shopping lists etc. I do find it too small for any real notes or handwriting pratice and look forward to getting a No 16 or No 18 Dot Pad in the near future.

The No 12 pad is made for my satchel

Dot Pad in the Pocket

If you are like me and want the writing or sketching to be the focus of the page teh Dot pads are a great solution.


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Posts of the Week Dec 13– Dec 19

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The inkophile gives his thoughts on the Noodlers Flex and Black Swan ink – Inkophile
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Dizzy Pen reviews 2 Diamine reds that are on my Wishlist – Oxblood and Red Dragon
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2011 Rhodia 6×9 Weekly Planner

I thought that before 2010 runs out and while getting new planners is fresh in everyone’s mind I should give a solid look at my Rhodia 6×9 Weekly Notebook.

Here is the description from quovadisplanners.com

Rhodia Weekly Notebook 6×9 – January-December
Desk Soft Cover Weekly Planner
Inner pockets for notes, cards
Week on left, Rhodia’s famous grid for notes on right
Crisp two color print – grey and orange
7am to 8pm schedule
90 g alkaline/neutral paper
Attached address book
Extra white, super smooth paper
Elastic closure
12 months weekly, January to December
Sewn binding, lays flat when open
Tear-off corner opens to week in progress

I really like this planner. It is big enough to sit on my desk and be quite legible but still portable enough to get stuff in my bag and carried around. The week on the left and notes on the right are the perfect configuration for me to tack appointments and still keep to do lists and random notes on the right.

Page layout

Page Layout

The quality of the planner is top notch. The paper is crisp, smooth and heavy enough to prevent bleedthrough/showthrough. The binding is solid and lays flat. The cover is flexible but looks like it will stand up to a years worth of manipulating and travel.



One issue I do have is that, despite the description from the website, my planner does not have the inner pockets. I like the pockets as I can keep receipts, notes etc that relate to my schedule in the planner but this is not a deal breaker.

Overall I am very happy with this planner and as the new year approaches and your thoughts turn to scheduling 2011 I would highly recommned looking at the Rhodia 6×9 weekly Planner.


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Paper-Papier Bag


Paper-Papier is located at 178 Clarence Street in Ottawa’s famous Byward market. It is a lovely store and has many fans, some of whom have already said a few kind words about it, but I thought I would focus on their Fountain Pen and Ink related products.

As you enter the store many people will notice how beautiful the store is. It is well lit, well decorated and most importantly well stocked with paper of every colour. The store is elegant and very well configured. I am drawn, of course, to the rear corner where the glass cabinets containing the Fountain Pens, Inks and Sealing Wax are kept. They carry a variety of brands and a large selection of each.

There are pens from Monteverde, Waterman, Lamy, Diplomat and Shaeffer. The Day I visited the store co-owner Gary Stern was happy to show me the newly arrived Faber-Castells. The pens are well displayed and lit and the staff is more than happy to open up the cabinets and let you have a good look (and feel) at your potential purchase.


Waterman Pens and Ink


Lamy Safaris


Lamy Al-Stars and Rollerballs


Monteverde Pens

The ink selection is also quite good as they carry Waterman, Lamy and a large selection of J. Herbin. You should be able to find an ink for any taste or mood. One interesting find was a bottle of J. Herbin’s anniversary ink, 1670 Rouge Hematite. There are conservative business blues and blacks and adventurous reds and greens. Most of the inks are available in bottles but there are some cartridges available.


J. Herbin Inks

Pens and inks are great but for your fine instrument to perform at its best you need proper paper. In case you couldn’t guess from the store name, they have whatever you could need. They carry a HUGE variety of papers, but the ones that most Fountain Pen users are familiar with are; Rhodia, Clairefountaine and G. lalo. My personal favourite is the Clairefountaine Triomphe pads that I love to use for my correspondence. I was also happy to learn from Gary that anything that the suppliers carry that isn’t in stock can be ordered. I will be taking him up on this as I am anxious to try some of Clairefountaine’s Seyes ruled notebooks.

One of my favourite aspects of Paper-Papier is the personal touch. I love going in, being greeted and browsing with the knowledge that the staff is always glad to answer questions or to demonstrate a product. Some of the pens and inks they carry can be found online for slightly less, but when you are looking at buying a pen and spending a significant amount of money on it (especially for first time buyers) it is really great to be able to handle the pen and feel its weight and fit before purchasing. This is the service and intangible qualities embodied in a brick and mortar store like Paper-Papier.

Monteverde Prima Selection

The Whole Package


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