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Rhodia No 38 Dot Pad (AKA The Monolith)

The first time I saw a No 38 Pad I was struck with an inexplicable need to touch it, draw on it, write on it and own it. It was much like the monkeys seeing the Monolith in 2001. I didn’t understand it but I wanted it.

This Pad is enormous and wonderful. It is great for testing inks, practicing handwriting, sketching floor plans… This Pad sits on my writing desk at all times. It provides a great working surface and a great big piece of jotting/note taking paper. Not to mention the simple WOW factor of a hug slab of paper.

Rhodia No 38

Rhodia No 38

This is the first Graph pad I have used and enjoyed, on this large a piece of paper I don’t find the graph too distracting but I still look forward to trying the Dot Pad version.

Here is what this beast looks like next to a No 16 pad and some pens.

Rhodia No 38

Rhodia No 38 Next to a No 16

I recommend anyone that like to doodle, sketch and scribble get one of these.



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