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Diamine Amber

Diamine Amber is a nice performing colour with incredible shading. Amber is a little too yellow for my personal tastes but it is an interesting ink. I had some issues with its readability on anything but pure white paper, the few times I have written with it in my Moleskine the ink fades into the paper.

A good ink and a decent colour but it probably won’t make my regular rotation.

Diamine Amber

Diamine Amber



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J. Herbin Orange Indien

J. Herbin’s Orange Indien is an excellent ink that behaves well and looks great. I didn’t expect to enjoy this colour (or Oranges in general) as much as I do but I really love this ink. Orange Indien is an excellent colour for Journaling and letter writing. The Orange is bright and saturated to perform well on off-white and Ivory paper , unlike Diamine Amber, and looks quite great on a range of paper.

I have found that Orange Indien performs like most Herbin inks. The dry time is a little slow but that is about the only fault I can find in this ink. Orange Indien lays a nice line that is not overly wet but smooth and it flows well. The colour shades nicely. Orange Indien is a nice rich Orange that is not too brown or red which can be a problem with some Orange inks.

This is great ink and great colour, highly recommended.

J.Herbin Orande Indien

J. Herbin Orange Indien

Scores that got cut off:

Bleedthrough: 9
Showthrough: 9


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