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Mont Blanc 147



Mont Blanc is an icon. Mont Blanc is a name that even people who are not pen geeks know, and as a pen geek I thought I should familiarize myself with this renowned pen maker (among other luxury items). Luckily, I have a friend that was kind enough to lend me his 147 so that I could experience a Mont Blanc for myself.

The official Mont Blanc description of the pen is:

Meisterstück Le Grand Traveller
Cartridge fountain pen, 14 K gold nib with rhodium-plated inlay, barrel and cap made of black precious resin inlaid with Montblanc emblem, gold-plated clip, rings and cartridge filling system, travel case

I have no delusions that the “precious resin” is simply some good quality acrylic but that does not deter from the fact that this pen is a beauty. The nib is gorgeous two tone and the gold accents are perfect. The classic cigar shape allows the pen to fall naturally into one’s hand and the weight in balance make it feel like it is floating.
The writing experience with the 147 was a treat. The nib was smooth and laid a consistent, wet line of ink. The only con I can really give this pen is the limitation of being a cartridge only pen and of course the price is beyond my means.

Writing sample

Writing Sample

To change the cartridge you unscrew the blind cap and remove the inner cartridge mount. The mount has room for a second cartridge which is nice feature. The mount itself is also nice to look at and you can tell that at this price point you are really paying for fit and finish.
I realize that you can get an equally good writing experience from some pens at much lower price points but the same can be said of buying a Mercedes instead of a Toyota, both cars will get you there but one is an experience. I really enjoyed the pen and would definitely buy a 146 or 149 to avoid the cartridges but that is a long way away.



First Impressions (10/10)

You can’t help but admire it right away.

Appearance (10/10)

This is a classic look and cannot be faulted.

Design/Size/Weight (8/10)

The cigar shaped pen is classic. Some prefer the larger size and weight of the 149.

Nib (10/10)

Beautiful two tone 14K.

Filling System (5/10)

The only fault of the pen is the cartridge fill.

Cost and Value (NA)

I cannot fairly assess this as I did not pay for it.

Conclusion (8.6/10)

This pen offers classic beauty and styling, it writes beautifully and its only major flaw is the filling system.


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