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Gift Pen

Gratuitous Nib Shot

Esterbrook 1554 Nib

I was lamenting the other day on FPN how I wanted to buy a Esterbrook but would have to wait until the holidays to make the purchase, well it turns out that a kind soul on the board took pity on me and sent me one of his Esterbrooks, gratis!

I have been a recipient of many random acts of kindness of late and they have all made me happy and thankful.


Esterbrook SJ



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Inky Gift

Just received a wonderful parcel from a great pen pal.

Inky Gift

PR Lake Placid Blue
PR Naples Blue
Diamine Mediterranean Blue
Diamine Kensington Blue
Diamine Woodland
J. Herbin Orange Indien
J. Herbin Vert D’Olive
de atramentis Wizard Blue

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