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Pen Sketch

A member of FPN wanted people to show him some pen sketches of Coffee mugs and this was my submission. This was drawn on a Rhodia No 38 using a TWSBI filled with Herbin Orange Indien, A Noodler Flex filled with Cactus Fruit and a Lamy Safari 1.5mm filled with Diamine Turquoise.

Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual


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J. Herbin Orange Indien

J. Herbin’s Orange Indien is an excellent ink that behaves well and looks great. I didn’t expect to enjoy this colour (or Oranges in general) as much as I do but I really love this ink. Orange Indien is an excellent colour for Journaling and letter writing. The Orange is bright and saturated to perform well on off-white and Ivory paper , unlike Diamine Amber, and looks quite great on a range of paper.

I have found that Orange Indien performs like most Herbin inks. The dry time is a little slow but that is about the only fault I can find in this ink. Orange Indien lays a nice line that is not overly wet but smooth and it flows well. The colour shades nicely. Orange Indien is a nice rich Orange that is not too brown or red which can be a problem with some Orange inks.

This is great ink and great colour, highly recommended.

J.Herbin Orande Indien

J. Herbin Orange Indien

Scores that got cut off:

Bleedthrough: 9
Showthrough: 9


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2011 Exaclair Catalog

The 2011 Exaclair catalog is out and there are some interesting things.

  • Webnotebooks with Dot Grids
  • Soft covered Rhodia pads
  • Artist themed Quo Vadis notebooks
  • and so much more

take a look and start budgeting your stationery money.

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J. Herbin Vert D’Empire

I have wanted to try J. Herbin’s Vert D’Empire for sometime and I finally got my grubby hands on a bottle a few weeks ago. Since getting the bottle it has been in my pen and used daily. I love this colour. It is dark enough for office use yet interesting enough for Journaling and correspondence.

This ink performs very well providing good lubrication and flow. The ink (like all the Herbin inks I have tried) is not overly saturated and shades nicely. The colour is very dark, almost greyish/black, when first layed on paper but dries to a great dark khaki/army green. Dry time and Smearing is average.

This is definitely an ink that I will keep stocked.

J. Herbin Vert D'Empire

J. Herbin Vert D'Empire

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Paper-Papier Bag


Paper-Papier is located at 178 Clarence Street in Ottawa’s famous Byward market. It is a lovely store and has many fans, some of whom have already said a few kind words about it, but I thought I would focus on their Fountain Pen and Ink related products.

As you enter the store many people will notice how beautiful the store is. It is well lit, well decorated and most importantly well stocked with paper of every colour. The store is elegant and very well configured. I am drawn, of course, to the rear corner where the glass cabinets containing the Fountain Pens, Inks and Sealing Wax are kept. They carry a variety of brands and a large selection of each.

There are pens from Monteverde, Waterman, Lamy, Diplomat and Shaeffer. The Day I visited the store co-owner Gary Stern was happy to show me the newly arrived Faber-Castells. The pens are well displayed and lit and the staff is more than happy to open up the cabinets and let you have a good look (and feel) at your potential purchase.


Waterman Pens and Ink


Lamy Safaris


Lamy Al-Stars and Rollerballs


Monteverde Pens

The ink selection is also quite good as they carry Waterman, Lamy and a large selection of J. Herbin. You should be able to find an ink for any taste or mood. One interesting find was a bottle of J. Herbin’s anniversary ink, 1670 Rouge Hematite. There are conservative business blues and blacks and adventurous reds and greens. Most of the inks are available in bottles but there are some cartridges available.


J. Herbin Inks

Pens and inks are great but for your fine instrument to perform at its best you need proper paper. In case you couldn’t guess from the store name, they have whatever you could need. They carry a HUGE variety of papers, but the ones that most Fountain Pen users are familiar with are; Rhodia, Clairefountaine and G. lalo. My personal favourite is the Clairefountaine Triomphe pads that I love to use for my correspondence. I was also happy to learn from Gary that anything that the suppliers carry that isn’t in stock can be ordered. I will be taking him up on this as I am anxious to try some of Clairefountaine’s Seyes ruled notebooks.

One of my favourite aspects of Paper-Papier is the personal touch. I love going in, being greeted and browsing with the knowledge that the staff is always glad to answer questions or to demonstrate a product. Some of the pens and inks they carry can be found online for slightly less, but when you are looking at buying a pen and spending a significant amount of money on it (especially for first time buyers) it is really great to be able to handle the pen and feel its weight and fit before purchasing. This is the service and intangible qualities embodied in a brick and mortar store like Paper-Papier.

Monteverde Prima Selection

The Whole Package


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J. Herbin Terre de Feu

J. Herbin’s Terre de Feu is a lovely colour and a great ink to write with. I was initially put off because I was expecting more of a brownish red rather than a reddish brown but once I got used to the colour I was in love. Earlier this month I reviewed my beloved Waterman Havana and Terre de Feu might challenge for the title. Terre de Feu is slightly redder and less saturated but offers more shading and slightly better flow.

This ink like many of the J. Herbin inks I have had the pleasure to try is a very well behaved ink and is a pleasure to write with. I would recommend this ink especially if you do not have access to Havana.

I think these two inks are due for a head to head battle, stay tuned…

J. Herbin Terre De Feu

J. Herbin Test

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