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Ottawa Pen Posse – April 10th

Today I attended my 2nd (the Posse’s 3rd) Ottawa Pen Posse meeting and it was another great opportunity to get together with other pen enthusiasts nuts and talk shop. The highlight for me was working my way through Gerry’s box of ink and expanding my ink journal.



There was plenty of sharing going around as I had a Piccadilly Journal to give away as well as a bottle of Diamine Amber. Scrawler gave me a couple of Hero 266 and not to be out done his friend Mike gave 2Hearts a Montblanc 146. Now before everyone rushes to Ottawa for the Posse meeting next month Mike does not regularly give out Montblanc’s and he and 2Hearts know each other from outside the posse.

There was a great variety of inks and pens at the table but I believe that Scrawler’s giant bottles of Akkerman Oranje Boven and Simplisties Violet stole the show. The bottles are enormous and quite stylish. A quick writing test proved that the ink in the bottles backs up the promises made by the bottle. What a great ink!

I had brought a camera to this meeting but as I turned it on the batteries died, fortunately 2Hearts had a camera and we got the waiter to snap this group picture.

Ottawa Pen Posse- April 10



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