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Notebooker Esquire takes a crack at Chancery – Notebooker
Moleskinerie has a great tribute to The Little Prince – Moleskinerie
Office Supply Geek takes the TWSBI out – OFG
OFG also takes out the new Noodler’s inks out for a trial – OFG
The Pen Addict tries out out the Kaweco Sport – Pen Addict


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Pilot Del Ful Double Knock Mechanical Pencil

Pilot Del Ful

When I first saw the Pilot Del Ful double knock pencil on I was intrigue. After a bit of confusion about the cost of shipping (I accidentally put Cambodia instead of Canada) I broke down and ordered one. The pencil took about 6 business days to arrive and from the moment I took it out of the packaging I knew this was going to be a fun little toy.

When the pencil tip is retracted the lead stays put then you click the button and now that the tip is out you give the pencil a little shake and a counter weight bounces and extracts the lead. The included lead was fine but nothing special but I didn’t buy it for the lead I bought it for the knock which is so fun. As I was using it my 8 year old son was mesmerized by it and even offered to sit down immediately and do his homework as long as I let him use it. He is now saving his pennies for one of his own.

If you are looking for a good mechanical pencil and also like a little novelty with your written instruments this is a great option.

Check out the Pen Addicts thoughts as well.


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Private Reserve lake Placid Blue

PR Lake Placid Blue

Private Reserve lake Placid Blue

Lake Placid is the second PR ink I have tried and I must say that it was a much nicer experience than the first. Naples blue is a ink that flow and performs well. It is nicely saturated and has a reasonable dry time. Despite the way the swab turned out this ink writes a nice dark blue.

This ink acts well and looks nice enough but the colour just doesn’t grab me, nothing against it, it is a good ink but not to me liking colour wise. If you do like the colour I would say go for it as it is a nice performing ink.


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Noodler’s Manjiro Nakahama Whaleman’s Sepia

Nathan Tardiff has posted another video explaining the history and unique properties of Noodler’s Manjiro Nakahama Whaleman’s Sepia. This ink is has some very interesting properties and this video is well worth a look.

I am not sure if I would take full advantage of this ink but it is amazing that Nathan was able to create an ink like this.

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Noodler’s Heart of Darkness

Noodler’s Heart of Darkness is one of those inks that almost everyone recommends. Heart of Darkness (or HoD) is praised for is deep, dark colour and bulletproof qualities. I have wanted to try this one for a while but couldn’t justify buying a second bottle of black ink, luckily a fellow fountain pen addict gave me a lovely sample at our monthly meetup. The ink performs very well, flows well, lays a nice line and dries in a very reasonable amount of time. Due to it’s dark colour there is some show through but I was VERY impressed by how little bleed there was. The only time this ink feathered was on moleskine paper. HoD did smear a bit when wet on Rhodia paper but on printer paper it held up perfectly under running water. This is an excellent ink that I will not hesitate to purchase after this sample runs out.

Noodler's Heart of Darkness

Noodler's Heart of Darkness


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Ottawa Pen Posse

Yesterday was the second meeting of the Ottawa Pen Posse (OPP). Roughly 6 Fountain Pen Network members gathered at Planet Coffee armed with pens, paper and ink to show off. I had a great time and got to chat passionately about ink without being looked at like I had a growth on my face. One member was kind enough to give me a Hero 266, which he billed as the world’s cheapest fountain pen, it is a nice pen and I am even happier with the sample of Heart of Darkness that he filled it with.

This meetup was a great way for us to try different pens and inks, share tips on purchasing and commiserate with fellow pen addicts. I cannot wait for the next meeting.


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Posts of the Week Feb 21 to Feb 27

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A look at the Leuchtturm 1917 pocket notebook – Lady Dandelion
Some very interesting Banana leaf paper – Whatever
Brian Goulet unveils his collaboration with Edison Pens – ink Nouveau

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