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Apparently on the Hawaiian island of Molokai you can send a coconut anywhere in the world. The local Post Office will even supply you the coconut as long as you pay the postage. I would love to receive a nut from Molokai so if any readers out there are on Molokai asked me for my address.

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email v. snail mail

When I started writing letters I was often mocked for using an archaic method of communication. People couldn’t understand why I would want to sit and handwrite a message and then wait days or weeks for a reply, instead of simply whipping off an email and getting a response in minutes. I have thought about this quite a bit and I will try and explain what I see are the major differences with email and snail mail.

I will not down play the role of email or try to knock it usefulness, in fact I love email. I use email far more often than I do regular post. Email is an invaluable tool at the office, it is a great way to correspond quickly and efficiently. I prefer email to the phone even. The main benefits of email are that it is instant, free and easy. I can send a dozen email an hour. I can get replies and clarify a thought 3 to 4 times in the same amount of time it takes me to write one letter. Email is an excellent tool for productivity but with letter writing I am not trying to be productive.

Letter writing is like a nice meal that you sit and enjoy, email is a quick sandwich. I enjoy sitting down, relaxing and thinking about, not only what I will say but how I will say it, with what colour ink and on what paper. I write letters because I want to discuss something not because I have to. The goal of a letter is not solely to inform but to share.

Basically I do not see the two forms of communication as competing with one and another. I love both and see a use and purpose for each. I don’t know if I could ever really explain how good it feels to receive a letter or the pleasure I get out of sitting with a cup of coffee and replying to one but I hope I have done a decent job of explaining the difference.


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Inky Gift

Just received a wonderful parcel from a great pen pal.

Inky Gift

PR Lake Placid Blue
PR Naples Blue
Diamine Mediterranean Blue
Diamine Kensington Blue
Diamine Woodland
J. Herbin Orange Indien
J. Herbin Vert D’Olive
de atramentis Wizard Blue

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