The Zen of Letter Writing

*Disclaimer: I am not a practitioner of Zen and/or Buddhism. I am using Zen in the common appropriation of the word as meaning calmness and ease of mind*

A few months ago when I began my adventures in letter writing and correspondence I found myself getting a little anxious as I approached my house each night in hopes that a letter, postcard or some other missive would be there awaiting me. I would try and anticipate the amount of time a letter would take to be received and a reply returned and I would stress or worry if the reply did not arrive within a day or two of my estimate. Upon receiving a letter I would rush through my evenings duties to sit down and reply, regardless of whether I felt inspired to do so or not. This I have discovered is not the way I want to enjoy personal correspondence.

I now enjoy a more relaxed, Zen-like pace of letting myself surrender to the ebb and flow of mail. I still enjoy receiving letters but I let be a surprise now and I have stop anticipating letters and just let them come to me and welcome them when they are there. I enjoy the moment of reading a message but I do not struggle to force a reply into the little time I may have or if I have nothing to write, I reply when I can and when I have something I would like to share. I find that this letting go of my expectations and embracing the moments has greatly increased my pleasure and quality of my letters.


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