Private Reserve lake Placid Blue

PR Lake Placid Blue

Private Reserve lake Placid Blue

Lake Placid is the second PR ink I have tried and I must say that it was a much nicer experience than the first. Naples blue is a ink that flow and performs well. It is nicely saturated and has a reasonable dry time. Despite the way the swab turned out this ink writes a nice dark blue.

This ink acts well and looks nice enough but the colour just doesn’t grab me, nothing against it, it is a good ink but not to me liking colour wise. If you do like the colour I would say go for it as it is a nice performing ink.



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3 responses to “Private Reserve lake Placid Blue

  1. This ink is one of those underrated ones that should be more popular than it is. Solid performance, and a bright, saturated, striking blue. Nice review, thanks.

  2. I like that color… it almost looks like Sheaffer Skrip Turquoise, except a bit darker.

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