Ottawa Pen Posse

Yesterday was the second meeting of the Ottawa Pen Posse (OPP). Roughly 6 Fountain Pen Network members gathered at Planet Coffee armed with pens, paper and ink to show off. I had a great time and got to chat passionately about ink without being looked at like I had a growth on my face. One member was kind enough to give me a Hero 266, which he billed as the world’s cheapest fountain pen, it is a nice pen and I am even happier with the sample of Heart of Darkness that he filled it with.

This meetup was a great way for us to try different pens and inks, share tips on purchasing and commiserate with fellow pen addicts. I cannot wait for the next meeting.



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2 responses to “Ottawa Pen Posse

  1. Which Ottawa is this? If it’s the Ottawa in Illinois then I might be able to come join you…. assuming that’s alright with you of course.