Diamine Twilight

Diamine Twilight is a great ink. I love the way it performs and I love its dark, rich blue colour. Despite its dark colour Twilight still manages to give a bit of shading. Twilight also barely shows through and does not bleed on good paper which is nice for such a dark colour, but it will on printer paper and notebook paper. Twilight is an excellent Blue-Black.

Diamine Twilight

Diamine Twilight



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2 responses to “Diamine Twilight

  1. Thanks for showcasing this ink. Twilight is a great color, but often gets overlooked. It was overshadowed by other new Diamine colors when 10 of them (including this one) were released all at once last year. And of course, the ink world is drowning in blue-blacks, so it’s hard to get noticed in that color genre. If you’re looking for a very blue (teetering on blue-green) blue black, then this is a great one!

  2. Very interesting shade of blue. I might just get a sample at a future date.