Noodler’s Nikita

I was originally drawn to Noodler’s Nikita for 2 reasons, 1. The Noodler’s hype 2. The Free Eye Dropper Pen. Well it turns out the reason I like the most is that it is a great performing, great looking red ink.

I received the 4.5oz (or 133ml for the metrically minded) bottle in my first order from the Goulet Pen Company and the first impression is a medicinal one. The large eye dropper bottle makes quite the impression and the label is humourous. The bottle comes with a nice eye dropper top and feels solid.

The ink is a nice pure, darkish red. It writes nicely, flows well and lays a wet line. This is a great red and second only to Diamine Poppy Red in my opinion.

Noodler's Nikita

Noodler's Nikita



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  2. Gosh I just got the same ink a few days ago, from Goulet nonetheless. I really love the shade of this red and will be reviewing it some time in the future. How do you like the included pen? Hard to find a cheaper fountain pen but I love the way it writes and the ink capacity (it’s an eyedropper duh!) is enormous.

  3. OK, me again. I’m really confused. Does the included pen have a flex nib? Mine flexes a little but not enough that I would call it a true flex nib. Can’t wait for your impressions on the pen. I love how mine writes.

    • Halden

      It seems to flex a little but not as much as the flex, nor does it write like a flex. Nice pen though.

  4. Thanks for clearing this up. So the nib on this pen =/= the one on Noodler’s Flex pens. Good to know, now I can order a Noodler’s Flex without worrying that it will suck.

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  6. Thanks so much for the link!! The pen that comes with Nikita is definitely different than the Noodler’s flex pen, there is hardly a similarity at all other than the fact they’re both pens 😛