Pelikan Brilliant Black

This is the very first ink I purchased. I bought it with my Orange Lamy Safari and a Rhodia No 16 pad. I bought it because I was still thinking like a ballpoint user. I have never liked blue (or any colour for that matter) in a ballpoint pen so I assumed the same would hold true of Fountain Pen ink.

When I asked the lovely sales woman at Phidon Pens who had guided me along so nicely so far for a “nice black” she offered me the Pelikan Brilliant Black.

The ink performs very well and is a nice true black but I just don’t use it because there is too much colour out there. I is a great ink for note taking at work and addressing envelopes because it does stand up well to the elements. If you need a black this is nice ink.

Pelikan Brilliant Black

Pelikan Brilliant Black



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  2. Wow. It was my first ink, too. However, I was at an art supply store and still very new to filling fountain pens with bottled ink and Pelikan Brilliant Black was all I could find at the time.