Rhodia No 12 Dot Pad

I have always preferred blank over ruled and I never liked graph. I found that graph paper made things look too cluttered and took
away from what was on the page. I was very excited when I learned about Rhodia’s Dot Pads and was very pleased to receive one from Karen at Exaclair to review.

No 12 Dot Pad

Dot Pad in the Pocket

The pad is describe as follows on Rhodia Pads

80 g acid-free, pH neutral paper
80 sheets microperforated on top for easy removal
Light lilac grid with 5mm intervals between dots

The paper is excellent, as expected from Rhodia, and takes ink nicely with a minimum of showthrough and no bleedthrough that I have
experienced. The lilac dots are quite pale and serve there purpose of guiding your writing but fade in the background and are barely noticeable once anything is written on the page. It is very easy to use the dots to practice your letter spacing and shaping, better than a lined pad would and MUCH better than graph as the dots do not detract from the script.

The No 12 is a great size for lugging around (it fits prefectly in the front pocket of my satchel) and serves as a great list making pad. I have found it great for jotting down ideas for posts, shopping lists etc. I do find it too small for any real notes or handwriting pratice and look forward to getting a No 16 or No 18 Dot Pad in the near future.

The No 12 pad is made for my satchel

Dot Pad in the Pocket

If you are like me and want the writing or sketching to be the focus of the page teh Dot pads are a great solution.



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  1. Where did you get that bag?! I’m looking for something just like it for my hubby!

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