I get mail

One of the greatest things that has happened since I started using fountain pens is my subsequent discovery of the art of letter writing. As my collection of pens and inks grew I realized that I was accumulating more than I really needed for Journaling and that using some of the nice papers simply to write grocery lists wasn’t the best I could do.

I started small, I put my name on a Postcard exchange list and began swapping brief messages with people from all around the globe. Postcards soon left me feeling unsatisfied. It was great to get these in the mail but I found that they were not terribly conducive to a proper conversation , so I found a letter exchange list and jumped in with both feet.

I currently have about 10 pen pals and I think I may have reached my limit but who knows. I am exchanging letters with people from all walks of life, from the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Each pen pal offers something unique and interesting. I have pen pals with whom I can discuss parenting, books, pens, local farming and life in general. I have had conversations with people I might other wise never talk to and I find it has been great to help increase my understanding.

I have also found letter writing to be extremely therapeutic. It is extremely relaxing to sit down after a long day of working and parenting and compose a thought out letter. I might write some of the same thoughts in my journal but there is something satisfying in knowing that someone will read these thoughts and potentially provide some feedback.

If you have never or if it has been sometime since you have written a letter I say do it.



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6 responses to “I get mail

  1. Enjoyed your post on letter writing. We are quite opposite. I have been handwriting letters my whole life and more so since starting The Letter Writing Revolution. What I need, though, is a great fountain pen. I had one when I was a teen and loved it. I must get over to Paper/Papier and get myself one. I write enough letters to deserve a decent pen. I look forward to reading more on your blog.

  2. What would you recommend? I like the idea of easy, vibrant colours of ink, no mess, no fuss………Something I can purchase at Paper/Papier…….

  3. Halden

    As far as pens are concerned the only one I know paper/papier for sure is the Safari which I have 2 of and LOVE. Here are some of the inks that I think you would like:

    J. Herbin:
    Bleu Provenche
    Orange Indien
    Larmes de Cassis

    Florida Blue
    South-Sea Blue

    Those are great places to start.

  4. Where can one find these exchange lists? Are some better than others?