Pelikan Turquoise

I love Pelikan Turquoise. I like the way it writes, and looks. I like that it is blue enough to pass as a business like colour but colourful enough to be fun.

It lays down with a fair bit of shine but dries to a lovely bright Turquoise. The ink was a little dry for my fine tipped 517 but is wonderful in my Medium Safari.

I would recommend this ink for almost anyone but particularly to those looking for a safe starter in.

Pelikan Turquoise

Pelikan Turquoise Writing Sample



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3 responses to “Pelikan Turquoise

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  3. Yes, that is a very appealing color. I was looking for an ink in this ballpark, but I can’t decide between Caran D’Ache Caribbean Sea and Waterman South Sea Blue. I would go for the Edelstein Topaz, but it is a bit pricey. Thanks for the review!