Gift Pen

Gratuitous Nib Shot

Esterbrook 1554 Nib

I was lamenting the other day on FPN how I wanted to buy a Esterbrook but would have to wait until the holidays to make the purchase, well it turns out that a kind soul on the board took pity on me and sent me one of his Esterbrooks, gratis!

I have been a recipient of many random acts of kindness of late and they have all made me happy and thankful.


Esterbrook SJ



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2 responses to “Gift Pen

  1. That’s a nice pen. I like the coloring of it.

  2. You’ve done well, sir.

    We’ve all received so much largess this year that we start to take it for granted.

    Glad you’re thankful; now write something wunderbar with it, sir.

    All the best in the coming year.