Waterman Havana

I remember opening a letter form a pen pal and being really intrigued by the colour he used, so I immediately looked for a note on the page telling me what the colour was and I discovered it was Waterman Havana. This is one of my favourite aspects of pen palling but I will save that for another time.

I have had this ink in one pen or the other since buying it and it is a really solid ink. The reddish, brown earthy tone is very pleasing and it flows nicely even in my pickiest pen (Baoer 517). The ink is good when being laid down by a fine nib but excels when being with a Medium or broader. The wider nibs bring out some nice shading and colour.

I would definitely recommend grabbing a bottle of Havana if you have any interest in browns.

Waterman Havana

Waterman Havana Test Page



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  5. This ink is very similar to Noodler’s Red/Black according to my findings scouring the fountainpennetwork…. Another, more permanent, alternative.