I remember my first journal was one I kept on a family trip out to western Canada. The entries were mostly drawings of things we saw and visited but it serves as a great keep sake. Since then I have gone through many journals. I have used journals are diaries, creative writing exercises, therapy, etc… I almost always have at least one kind of journal on my person with few good pens.

My current journal rotation consist of a traditional “what happened today” journal, a journal of thoughts on the books I am currently reading and quotes as well as a journal to track my Astronomical sightings. This of course does not count the variety of cahiers I carry for note taking and list making.

My journals have a very special place in my life. I can go through them and read my bad teenage poetry, about life changing moments and the mundane absurdities of life. These tiny books not only document my life but help me deal with it as it is happening. I find that sitting down to write in my journals really help me gather my thoughts and understand what I am going through.

Update: Does this Pen Write? shares some thoughts on Journaling as well.


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  1. Yes why do we keep journals? Mine started as a pocket size counsellor: it’s now evolved into a bound version of what I like, what makes me laugh and what I’ve done. You can see what it’s about at

    A question though: like most of you, I use different pens at different times: my favourite pen for writing and drawing is the Rotring EF Artpen: the nib feels really flexible and very fine. It means one pen to carry rather than one for writing and one for drawing. Unfortunately it’s a LOOOONG pen to put in your bag/pocket: anybody got any suggestions for a reasonably priced, fine nibbed cartridge using fountain pen???